The Global Youth Development Alliance held an exhibition of Olympic-themed winning works in Paris

On January 15th, members from the Global Youth Development Alliance held an exhibition of Olympic-themed winning works in front of Hotel de Ville in Paris, France. It is reported that the Global Youth Development Alliance held an online competition called « GYDA Olympic Special Creative Works Competition » to collect artworks from all over the world with the theme of supporting the Olympics, and received active participation from artists from all over the world. The selection committee finally selected the Gold awards, Silver awards and Bronze awards.An offline exhibition was also held for the winning works, so that the public could see the artistic style of different artists and appreciate the spirit of the Olympic Games.

As the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is approaching, the participating artists have created many works related to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. In the works exhibited by the young people, it can be seen that artists of different styles and genres show their artistic attainments. Everyone chose a common slogan – « Together for a Shared Future », which is the slogan of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, showing the creators’ support and expectations for this event.

This event took several months from the online collection to the awards, and collected more than 400 outstanding works. During the event, it was also supported by many media and important leaders. Maximilian KRAH, member of the European Parliament,member of Subcommittee on Human Rights, also expressed his support for the event and his expectations for the Winter Olympics in a telephone interview. Maximilian KRAH said that sport is a human right, and the Olympic Games have a beautiful meaning and encourage people to overcome difficulties, especially when the world is facing huge challenges in the past two years, he believes that this event has a huge positive effect.In addition, Thierry Mariani, another native French politician, also praised the events and activities. Thierry Mariani, a member of the European Parliament and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, also said, « French large companies have already established their roots in China, so it is very important for French small and medium-sized enterprises to better access the Chinese market. Paris and Beijing should have more close cooperation. The event has warmed up for the smooth holding of the Olympic Games, mobilized the participation of the society, and has also become a link between Beijing and Paris. I look forward to the successful holding of the Winter Olympics. Beijing will successfully host the Winter Olympics without external interference. Bless Beijing. ». Thierry Mariani has been concerned about economic and energy issues for a long time and has visited China many times. The event received so much attention beyond the expectations of the organizing committee.

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In addition, in front of Paris City Hall, the young people from the Global Youth Development Alliance also conducted some quick street interviews with the public in addition to exhibiting the winning works. It includes questions such as questions and answers about the Olympic knowledge, evaluation of the exhibited works, and impressions of the two Olympic cities, Beijing/Paris, which are about to usher in a grand event. One woman said in the interview, “Beijing is the first city to host both the summer and winter Olympics, and it’s exciting to see how it can give us a different feel than 2008. We really need some uplifting stuff. »

The Beijing National Stadium will host the opening ceremony for the 16-day Winter Olympics on February 4. As IOC President Thomas Bach has always reiterated, « the Olympic flame can really be the light at the end of this dark tunnel », underscoring the determination of the IOC and organizers to host the Winter and Summer Games. Bach also said that despite the impact of the pandemic, sport and the Olympic spirit can breathe more energy into society. The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, which are not far away, are also expected to showcase the beauty of nature, humanity and sports, and inspire people’s confidence in the world ravaged by the pandemic.


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